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11th Aug 2015, 7:34 AM
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11th Aug 2015, 8:06 AM
11th Aug 2015, 10:03 AM
Just look at them all-united in crime!
12th Aug 2015, 7:33 AM
Actually... Marlowe seems to be missing from the group here... >_>
13th Aug 2015, 5:59 PM
Shhhhhh Marlowe who
11th Aug 2015, 10:18 AM
They look like the Justice League of tailors in this shot. XDXD (Although, at this point, they're more like the Legion of Doom.)
11th Aug 2015, 10:31 AM
So, they're basically the creepiest people in life. -_-
C'mon, Nova. I may have been watching too much of BBC's Sherlock recently, but it can't be that hard to deduce that these men are tailors. Just look at them. And why would tailors tell you about the so called "best" tailor? You should be asking yourself why they aren't selling themselves for your business. You've got to know something's wrong. And if you don't catch all of that, you can look at their countenances and see that they mean ill intent. :P
12th Aug 2015, 6:32 AM
Matt Knab
I don't know, those are some devious smiles...
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