126 ~Right Place~
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16th Jul 2015, 10:07 AM
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ugh. Late page is late. Forgetful Roux is forgetful. Suspicious Dosett is suspicious.


16th Jul 2015, 10:25 AM
"Guys, guys!"
"Dosett, we don't have time for this!"
"But guys!"
"Stop it, we're speaking to the woman who doesn't look suspicious at all!"
16th Jul 2015, 12:30 PM
Remember, that poster has been in this comic before. Remember their trip to the police station?
17th Jul 2015, 5:21 PM
Good eye!
16th Jul 2015, 12:30 PM
I'm seeing where this is going... and this explains exactly why Nova went straight to Loup and insisted he was the only one who could help her... >___>
16th Jul 2015, 2:52 PM
i don't exactly know how to say this but that wanted picture looks super anime
17th Jul 2015, 6:03 AM
Yesssss... she looks like she should be leading the Digidestined and her Digimon is Wolfmon. ;-)
17th Jul 2015, 5:24 PM
"Wanted: Super kawaii Super Saiyan. Last seen in the Johto region. May have mech or giant swords."
16th Jul 2015, 11:32 PM
She's wanted for crimes of fashion!
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